Try Not to Laugh: Hilarious Challenges and Stunts Gone Wrong !


⁣In this video, we see a group of people attempting a series of ridiculous challenges and stunts. One person tries to do a backflip but ends up falling on their back, while another person tries to balance a stack of cups on their head but ends up knocking them all over.
As the challenges become more and more absurd, the group begins to break down in fits of laughter. One person attempts to eat a hot pepper and ends up spitting it out in agony, while another person tries to sing a high note and ends up sounding like a screeching animal.
Throughout the video, the group's reactions to each other's antics are just as funny as the challenges themselves. Their expressions of disbelief and amusement are sure to make anyone watching chuckle.
Overall, this video is a great addition to any "Try Not to Laugh" challenge and is guaranteed to provide plenty of silly moments that are impossible to resist giggling at.

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