Raising a Pet Without Saying its Name!


⁣In this hilarious and heartwarming episode of Oddballs, join the OddOut as he attempts to raise his beloved pet, Toasty, without ever mentioning his name! Watch as he comes up with creative ways to refer to Toasty, from "the fluffy one" to "the bread slice," all while trying to give him the best possible life.
But raising a pet isn't always easy, and OddOut encounters a variety of challenges along the way. From dealing with Toasty's mischievous antics to trying to figure out what he's thinking, OddOut learns that being a pet parent is a full-time job.
But through it all, OddOut's love for Toasty shines through, and he is determined to give him the best life possible, no matter what challenges they may face. So join the OddOut on this unforgettable journey of pet ownership, and see if he can successfully raise Toasty without ever using his name!

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