Beware! Coin in Car Door Handle - Run & Call Police Immediately!


⁣Attention all drivers! Your safety may be at risk! Watch this crucial video to learn about a dangerous new tactic used by criminals to target unsuspecting victims. If you see a coin placed on your car door handle, take immediate action - RUN and CALL the police!
In this eye-opening video, we'll reveal the alarming trend of criminals using coins as markers to identify potential targets. Discover how this sneaky trick allows them to strike when you least expect it. We'll share real-life stories and offer essential tips on how to stay vigilant and protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.
Your safety is our priority, and knowledge is power! Stay informed and share this video with everyone you care about. Together, we can create awareness and keep our communities safe from this dangerous threat.
Remember, if you see a coin in your car door handle, don't hesitate - RUN to safety and CALL the police immediately! Let's stay alert, stay safe, and put a stop to these criminals.

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